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Corporate & Commercial Legal Services

What we can offer you

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Corporate & Commercial Legal Services


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Hind Al Maktoum Advocates has a notable track record of advising clients in leading corporate transactions in the region.
Our Commercial practice encompasses commercial contracts, compliance with business laws, joint ventures, commercial agencies, franchises, distribution agreements, sports law, corporate, commercial and retail sectors including contracting, corporate finance, technology, intellectual property, employment, financial services, consumer protection regulations, litigation and dispute resolution.
We have practiced in the region for more than 35 years and we fully understand the nature and extent of business and legal risks in the Middle East. We pride ourselves on our innovation and ability to bring business reasoning combined with sound legal advice to a broad variety of matters in respect of our client’s activities. What makes us one of the most respected international practices is our client base, our legal precedence and expertise as well as our reputation for creating value for clients and maintaining their long term relationships.

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